School holidays are just around the corner…Time for Spring workshops!

Spring Workshops- Bookings are open!

To book please call North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics- (02) 9913 7421 OR head to the Parent Portal

Dates- 30th September until the 11th of October 2019 (Excluding Weekends). Scroll down to see our most Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates? Monday the 1st of July until 22nd July 2019. With the exception of Weekends.

How much is it? $97 for a FULL DAY, $60 for half a day. We also offer sibling discounts, multiple day discounts and if you purchase a Pittwater Sports Centre Membership for $49.99 you receive discounted workshop rates ($85 for a full day, $54 for half a day).

How do I purchase a PSC Membership? By ringing reception staff on (02) 9913 7421, the $49.99 is an annual fee valid for 1 year from the purchased date, payment will be made over the phone.

Do I pack food for my child? No need, all of the children’s meals (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) are catered by the SandBucket Cafe. Please let us know on the day if your child has any dietary requirements. Feel free to pack them lunch if you wish. If you wish for your child to use the canteen please let the Head coach know in the morning- please note we do not recommend the children using the canteen as they may buy something they are not allowed or have friends wanting their food.

What time can I drop off/Pick up? The earliest time you can drop off is 7.00am and the latest time for pick up is 6.00pm sharp. You are more than welcome to come any later than 7.00am or earlier than 6.00pm, whatever suits your family. For half day mornings- 7.00am drop off and 12.30pm pick up latest. For Half day afternoons the drop off time is 12.30pm and pick up by 6.00pm sharp. Again if you wish to come any later than the drop off, or earlier than the pick up that is fine.

What does my child bring? Water bottle, Jumper, Shoes, Socks any medical or dietary requirements they need and a big smile!

What will they be doing all day? A range of different activities, fun in the gymnastics hall such as relay’s, free play etc. Activities in the Multi Purpose room such as Wii,  Colouring in and Movies. The soft play centre inside the centre, SandBucket Play Centre is where the kids get to explore and have fun throughout the day as well! Morning Tea is served around 10.30am onwards, Lunch from 12.00pm onwards and Afternoon Tea from 3.00pm onwards.

Who can I contact throughout the day? If you do require to get in contact with your child or staff throughout the day please call the administration office on (02) 9913 7421 between the hours of 8.00am-4.30pm.

Can we use an Active Kids Voucher towards Workshops? No, unfortunately we cannot put the Active Kids Vouchers towards workshops, Active Kids Vouchers are only to be put towards a NNAOG term based enrolment program.

Do you offer the child care rebate? No, as of the 1st of July 2018 we were no longer eligible for the government rebate.


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