Gymnastics Program Policies

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with KSOTB’s policies.

  1. All visitors to the centre must comply with the rules and directions of management and/or employees of PSC at all times when on premises
  2. Refunds must be requested via the Refund Request electronic form »
    1. Please note that all refund requests will incur a 20% service fee.
  3. Full fees are due prior to class commencement.
  4. Notification of a participant not continuing is to be made at Expected absences can also be made on your customer portal account.
  5. Each child that attends a class must appear on our class lists.
  6. No parents/carers are permitted in the gym for the safety of our participants. Kindy gym parents/carers are permitted in the gym during their child’s program.
  7. Outside of program time your child is your responsibility.
  8. For safety reasons no jewellery, baggy clothing or restrictive clothing can be worn during programs. Hair must be tied back and off the childs face.
  9. Please ensure you are on time for your child’s class. Children more than 15 minutes late for class may be refused entry and your child may miss class for that week.
  10. At KSOTB we promote a healthy lifestyle so please do not bring sick children or siblings to the gym.
  11. KSOTB reserves the right to refuse entry into class persons that show signs of illness.  KSOTB allows 1 makeup class per child per term for illness only.  Make up classes cannot be pre-booked and may only be made within the same term of the child’s missed class (make up tokens can not roll over to future terms) Kindygym Australia Programs make ups can not be booked in week 10. In the event that your child is unwell you must advise reception prior to program commencement to be eligible for a a make up class (subject to availability).
  12. Any persons attending class that have a pre-existing injury or special needs must notify administration at time of booking.
  13. Food is not permitted in the gymnastics hall including viewing area. Drinks with lids are permitted. Please remove all rubbish when you leave the centre.
  14. Parking is for all visitors to PSC. Please ensure you park in designated spaces only and adhere to the 5 kph speed limit posted.
  15. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the grounds of PSC.
  16. Animals are not permitted anywhere within the grounds of PSC.
  17. Disclaimer: Please note that under the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and in following with the Health and Safety regulations set out by NSW Health and the NSW and Australian Government, Kids Sports on the Beaches requires that all of its staff members are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and in a physically healthy condition in order to attend the workplace and provide services to KSOTB clients. In the event that a KSOTB staff member is unable to attend the facility due to displaying cold and flu symptoms, being found to have been a casual or close contact at a COVID-19 hotspot or returning a positive COVID-19 test, they will not be permitted to attend the premises or conduct any face-to-face KSOTB services. In these situations, KSOTB will follow our company procedures to try to provide a replacement staff member who not only is double vaccinated and in a physically healthy condition, but also of the same level of qualifications and experience to provide that service. In the situation that this is not a possibility, KSOTB has absolute discretion without claim, to cancel/re-schedule any of its programs/services in order to uphold its responsibility when it comes to the duty of care of its customers.
  18. To participate within our KSOTB programs, you agree to our COVID 19 protocols and understand that non -compliance will result in a refusal of entry and a refund will not be granted.
  19. By enrolling in a program with Kids Sports On The Beaches, you agree to our policies.

By enrolling in a program with Kids Sports On The Beaches, you agree to our policies.