“Always the best value vacation care and school holiday clinics on the Northern Beaches.”

Our vacation care program

At Pittwater Sports Centre, we are the leaders in school holiday clinics on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Children are divided into four groups featuring age appropriate activities designed to keep kids activate, developing their creativity and exploration skills.

Our state-of-the-art gymnastics and indoor play centre within our Narrabeen centre provides a safe, dry and comfortable area for kids to undertake a huge range of gymnastics and sporting activities, craft, cooking and so much more.

The outdoor laser park provides a fun and exciting activity for all 8 and up aged participants without them having to leave the premises.  A multi-purpose indoor area is set up with table tennis and games ensuring plenty to keep everyone busy.

Of course the Sandbucket Play Centre is another highlight that all participants look forward to and in warm holidays many squeals of delight can be heard from the water slide.  All activities are held on the premises with the exception of kayaking where children 8 and over can leave right from our back door for a kayaking excursion (weather permitting).

Pittwater Sports Centre provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea throughout the day all included in the one great price of $85.00 for members and $97.00 for non-members (please ask how you can become a member!) with allergies and special dietary requirements being catered for upon early notification.  Pittwater Sports Centre is a NUT free environment!  Our staff are also competent in working with children with all sorts of needs and requirements. Let your children’s school holidays be a fun and exciting time!

We have now launched our new camps feature with multi child and day discounts to accompany the parent portal where you can enrol, pay and manage your account all online in a time suited to you. See PSC Parent Portal.

Our fun, enthusiastic coaches and staff ensure kids of all ages are active, learning and meeting new friends. That’s why Northern Beaches kids return year after year.

Our Summer Vacation Care & School Holidays Program 2017/2018 »
Holiday Clinic Hours

Full Day: 7.00am – 6.00pm
AM Half Day: 7am – 12:30pm (includes morning tea)
PM Half Day: 12:30-6pm (includes afternoon tea)

** Please note Final pick up on Friday 22nd December is 4:30pm


Suitable for children 4 years and over. Now also Teenage Explorer programs for ages 12-15.
Kids aged under 4 years can attend our Kindy Adventures classes »


$85 for members
$97 for non-members
$60 for half day

** Discounts apply for multiple day and multiple sibling bookings. 

Our School Holiday Activities Programs

preschool school holiday clinics

Kindy Aventures Pre-Schoolers Holiday Program (ages 3-5 yrs)

Our popular Kindy Adventures holiday program runs from 9am – 12pm daily during the Summer school holidays.  This is a drop off program designed specifically for 3 – 5 year olds.

Our preschoolers school holidays program includes lots of gym fun, Sandbucket indoor play centre, morning tea, craft, games and age appropriate activities.

These are casual classes and bookings are essential. There is always lots of fun to be had at Kindy Adventures with Gai and the team.

If you have any questions about our Kindygym School Holiday Program, call 9913 7421 or send an email.


kids school holiday programs northern beaches

Junior Holiday Program (ages 4-7 years)

Our junior school holiday clinics focus on creating a fun and friendly environment. Unlike other holiday programs, kids have the opportunity to partake in a huge variety of activities every day.  While some parts of the program are structured, there is ample free play time allocated in our state-of-the-art gym, Sandbucket soft play centre and lots of outdoor activities including waterplay.  All activities are designed so children develop creatity and exploration skills.

Daily activities include: 

Under 4 yrs: kids aged under 4 years can attend our Kindy Adventures classes »

If you have any questions about our Junior School Holiday Program, call 9913 7421 or send an email.


kids vacation care northern beaches

Senior Holiday Program (ages 8-11 years)

Senior program aims to keep the kids active as much as possible. Getting away from technology (excluding Wii games which we play after lunch to settle tummies), the kids are able to get outdoors and meet new friends.  Unlike other holiday programs, kids have the opportunity to partake in a huge variety of activities every day.  While some parts of the program are structured, there is ample free play time allocated for free play both indoors and outdoors.

Daily activities include: 

If you have any questions about our Senior School Holiday Program, call 9913 7421 or send an email.


northern beaches school holiday program teenagers

Teenage Explorer Holiday Programs (ages 12-15 years)

Our vacation care program is designed specifically for older kids aged 12-15 years.  The teenage program has been designed to keep kids active and outdoors. This program offers more challenges in the gym with different tricks and activities. Our experienced coaches aim to treat the kids as young adults displaying a friendlier role with them rather than ‘student vs. teacher’.

Daily activities include: 

If you have any questions about our Teen School Holiday Program, call 9913 7421 or send an email.


School Holiday Program Photo Gallery

Skills development for other sports

Does your child love tennis? Soccer? Netball? Or just about any other sport? The skills gained in our holiday workshops provide the perfect opportunity to develop the necessary skills needed to enhance their ability in their chosen sport.

Our holiday clinics have an emphasis on developing children’s gross motor skills through fun activities in the gymnasium, as well as outdoor activities such as basketball, laser tag, table tennis, obstacle courses and off-site sports.

While all activities are very different, fun and exciting for the kids, the skills required in each, are similar including gross motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, balance, flexibility and endurance.

This repetitive practice allows the kids to improving their skills, enhancing their ability in sports such as tennis, netball, soccer, football and most sports.

Information for Parents

Important information for school holiday programs

  1. Children are initially split as per arrival time until morning tea when they are regrouped into Juniors, Seniors and Teens and then ages with those groupings.
  2. Regrouping occurs strictly among programs enrolled ie Junior, Senior, Teenage.
  3. For safety, minimum age for Kayaking and Laser Tag is 8, these form part of the Senior and Teen programs.
  4. It is crucial participants have closed shoes, socks, drinking bottle and a spare change of pants (for the younger ones). Seniors and Teens require swimmers and a towel.

Morning Tea : Fruit Salad, Rice Crackers
Lunch : Sausage Sizzle Sandwich, Carrot and Celery Sticks
Afternoon Tea : Cupcakes and Fruit

Morning Tea : Fruit Salad, Fruit Bar – Apple and Sultana
Lunch : Ham and Pineapple Pizza and Zooper Dooper
Afternoon Tea : Jam topped bscuits and Fruit

Morning Tea : Fruit Salad, Dinosaur Puffs
Lunch : Vegetarian Pasta, Carrot and Celery Sticks
Afternoon Tea : Cheesy damper and Fruit

Morning Tea : Fruit Salad, Fruit Bar – Apricot and Manuka
Lunch : Chicken Nuggets & Chips and Zooper Dooper
Afternoon Tea : Sprinkle cookies and Fruit

Morning Tea – Fruit Salad, Fruit Bar – Apple and Blackcurrant
Lunch : Hamburgers and Zooper Dooper
Afternoon Tea – Muffins and Fruit

A sample day of awesome school holiday activities

7:00am (arrival) : Sandbucket Play Centre and minor games

8:45am : Gym rundown and whole group games

10:00am :  Morning tea then rotation in ages – circuits in the gym, FunZone, Laser Tag, water fun (weather permitting), campfire and basketball.

11:30am : Lunch and then rotation in ages – circuits in the gym, trampolining, foam pitts, FunZone, Laser Tag, kayaking, expedition and obstacle courses, and basketball.

2:30pm : Afternoon tea then rotation in ages – cooking classes, circuits in the gym, trampolining, foam pitts, craft (colouring, origami, etc), Laser Tag, kayaking, expedition, group games and basketball.

4:00pm :  Sandbucket Indoor Play Centre, Seniors to foam pitts and trampolines.

5:00pm : All ages to Sandbucket Indoor Play Centre.

6:00pm : Final pickup.  Our extended hours (7:00am – 6:00pm) offer convenience and practicality for working parents.

Child Care Benefit Rebates

As a registered child care provider, you may be able to receive a benefit back from the government for your PSC fees. This is NOT the 50% for approved child care providers.

  1. You must have paid the full amount to PSC before the program begins
  2. Government rules state we can only issue your receipt at the end of the school holiday period
  3. You will need the payment receipt and the child care form from PSC – we may be able to fill this out whilst you are there, otherwise you can pick it up in the afternoon when you pick your child up. It is carbon paper as such we cant email out.
  4. Submit your receipt to your local Medicare or Centre link office. The nearest Service Centres are those located in Warriewood Square and on Pittwater Rd at Brookvale, opposite the Brookvale Hotel. The form to be filled out can be found at https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/forms/fa01

We cannot tell you the amount you may get back as there are various eligibility requirements set by the government including work, study, immunisation and residency.

More information may be found at https://www.mychild.gov.au/childcare-information/registered

Terms and Conditions

By enrolling a child into a school holiday program, you agree to all terms and conditions contained below, on the website and parent portal.
Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions


  1. Children and teenagers must be enrolled into the program aligning with their age.
  2. Providing false information such as age at enrolment is cause for cancellation of booking, without refund.
  3. All payments must be made at time of booking.
  4. It is the parent or caregivers responsibility to ensure all booking details are correct.
  5. Where a child has a medical / dietary condition, please provide as much detail as possible. This information is confidential.


  1. Refunds are only given with the production of a medical certificate prior to the program.
  2. Cancellations prior to the program, without a medical certificate will result in a credit being given.
  3. All cancellations must be submitted to PSC in writing via admin@pittwatersports.com.au

Child Attendance and Behaviour

  1. Behaviour of children that puts themselves or others at risk or that detracts from the fun of others, will not be tolerated, and will result in removal from program without refund.
  2. At PSC, we promote a healthy lifestyle so please do not bring sick children or siblings to the centre.
  3. PSC promotes a NUT FREE ENVIRONMENT. Whilst we provide 3 meals per day, some parents like to send extra along with their children / teenagers. If this is the case, please refrain from sending:
  • sandwiches containing peanut or other nut butters and pastes, peanut paste, satay sauce, or Nutella
  • nuts, packaged or in containers
  • nut meats or nut rissoles or pesto
  • nut biscuits, baklava and other nut pastri
  • nuts on or in salads, cakes, buns, desserts, eg: praline, carrot cake, muffins
  • marzipan

For the safety of all children; parents and caregivers must physically sign their children in and out of the program on the signing sheets provided.
Signing in begins from 7am and all children must be picked up; on or before 6pm.

Please ensure you have read our waiver found here.  If your child requires medication, special dietary requirements or allergies or has any medical conditions please ensure you complete the medical form and submit on sign in.


Call 9913 7421  Email Us